Diego A. Gil

Agile Consultant & Trainer

Agile Consultant, with 9+ years of experience software development, 7+ years as an Agile practitioner and 3+ years as a Agile Consultant & Trainer.
Agile Evangelist in latam Agile communities (blogger and speaker), CSM, CSPO & CSD at Scrum Alliance, survivor of Alistair Cockburn’s Advanced Agile Development Class, ICP-ACC and ICP-ATF at the Agile Coaching Institute with Lyssa Adkins.
Certified Ontological Professional Coach from Newfield Network Coaching School.
Helping Organizations in their Agile Evolution, focusing in the ‘being’ to enable ‘doing’. Helping leaders help their teams and organizations collaborate in new ways.
I believe there are no rules we can’t break in order to collaborate.

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